ColorJam was an art installation located at the intersection of  State Street and Adams in Downtown Chicago, USA. ColorJam, created by Artist Jessica Stockholder saturated building façades, sidewalks, and crosswalks in bold colors in Chicago’s largest art installation. In creating “Color Jam”, Stockholder envisioned a “three-dimensional painting”, spilling out of windows, through doors, and into the surrounding landscape.

“The fictive potential of surface, so thoroughly cultivated through the history of painting, is always ready to burst, spilling forth imagined richness, full of emotional, subjective resonance, and wandering focus is here woven together with the more mundane everyday surface of the street corner. [“Color Jam”] celebrates and demands that the evocative surface of this Chicago street corner be expanded. The corner is canvas, stage, pedestal, and frame against which the public can view a parade of shifting color relationships.” -Jessica Stockholder

As Project Manager for the Chicago Loop Alliance much of the project was placed under my management. I received Ms.Stockholder’s drawings and was charged with choosing a suitable material, researching methodologies  and sourcing the appropriate vendors for the work. I worked closely with several offices from the City of Chicago including the Chicago Department of Transportation, The Mayor’s office of Special Events and The Chicago Transit Authority in choosing the intersection for the artwork.  I filed and obtained all necessary permits for construction and managed the project budget.  I negotiated with and obtained permission from the ownership of the four buildings we installed upon which included a federally owned building. I oversaw time lines and was able to complete construction of the work on all 4 buildings which used over 90,000 square feet of material in 5 days.

Selected Photos:

ColorJam Install