An Indoor Sculpture Garden

pual_gardenparty_277Alterpolitan was an indoor sculpture garden installed inside the Inland Steel Building in Chicago, USA. Designed by Owings and Merrill, Inland Steel was the first sky scrapper built in the Chicago Loop after the great depression and is a wonderful example of post World War II modern architecture. As an exemplary skyscraper it has attracted such notables as Frank Gehry to share in its ownership. The first floor retail division is an entirely open 4,000 square foot space due to the support columns for the floors above being located outside of the building permitter.  The space is surrounded on 3 sides by 20′ tall dual glazed windows. The space was vacated by Bank of America following the housing market downturn. As it stood vacant the property was given to Pop Up Art Loop, a Chicago Loop Alliance Initiative. As manager of that program I rotated artists and creative projects in and out of the space until a lease for a new commercial interest was arranged in November 2012. As a child I often collected bugs and beasts which I would bring home and my obliging parents would allow me to keep inside elaborate terrariums I would build. The glass enclosure immediately resonated with my memories of terrariums and I used this influence to design an exhibition of artworks that would recreate the experience on a human scale giving my audience a perspective usually reserved for other creatures. I worked with Susan Blackman of Art Advisory ltd. to source artworks and Noisivelvet a local non profit for many of the production elements. The result was a wonderful new experience for our audience. The exhibition opened in early May 2012 and remained up through the month.

Selected photos:


Time-lapse of installation:

alterpolitan2 from Tristan hummel on Vimeo.

Opening Night